Description of the sensations and consequences associated with the emission and reception of vital energy


Description of the sensations and consequences associated with the emission and reception of vital energy.
The attention bridge. Chapter 8.

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When we transfer our vital energy to other people 

The transfer of vital energy to other people causes sensations of release. We get a sense of relaxation which can get so intense that it becomes tiring and can even induce sleepiness. We will all have experienced the soporific effect of watching television.

        When we direct our attention at the television, this attention is not returned[1]. Consequently, the transfer of energy only goes in one direction.

        In terms of vital energy, television is like a black hole; independently of the fact that on occasion the viewers feel stimulated or moved by the content of the programmes. However, we should not make the mistake of assuming that the simple fact of giving more attention than we receive (be it to the television, a person or whatever) means that we are giving away or wasting our vital energy. Otherwise we run the risk of turning into attentional-energy misers.

        Whether we waste our vital energy or whether we invest it productively depends on where we direct our attention and in which circumstances.

        At this very moment we are directing our attention written at a page (either physical or digital) and that attention is not being returned. So we are transferring our vital energy to a physical element which will never transfer energy back to us. However this does not mean that our vital energy is going to waste. Whether we invest it productively or waste it depends on whether what we are reading is stimulating or not.

When it is us who direct our attention at other people for extended periods of time, we transfer our vital energy to them. This leaves us feeling weak, especially in those cases when nothing stimulating is being offered in exchange. If we do not manage to change the direction of this type of situation (with the hourglass effect), we will end up feeling sleepier and sleepier and most probably start yawning.

        When we fall victim to the draining influence that these situations exert on our levels of energy, we feel stripped of our initiative. We lose our ability to react in order to find a way out or exert control over the situation. Our flagging energy levels keep us bound to the object of our attention as if they had put us under a hypnotic spell.

         Which of us has not experienced wanting to leave a get-together, where our presence was not obligatory (like hanging out with our friends), but not having the inner resolve or impulse to actually do it.

        If this has been your experience, dig a little deeper into your memory. I am sure you will find that while you were feeling this involuntary inability to react you were not the centre of attention.

Another clear indication of suffering a prolonged loss of vital energy in the company of others is the boredom we feel when they demand our attention but offer little or nothing stimulating, either intellectually or emotionally, in return. We are far more aware of sensations linked to the transfer of our vital energy when we feel forced to pay attention than when we do it willingly. When we feel we are dancing to someone else’s tune or fighting battles that are not our concern we are made more conscious that we are unwillingly transferring a large quantity of vital energy to those who are assimilating it.

Our body language will also show signs associated with the loss of vital energy like slumping forward, dropping your head and shoulders and inactivity. Inactivity which, if something has gripped our attention, can manifest itself as a form of paralysis; like when something frightens you. What we can deduce is that it is not the fear itself which paralyses us but the lack of energy that we suffer when we direct our attention so intensely at the cause of it.

Our vital energy is transferred out from the third chakra which is at the level of our solar plexus. It is in this part of the body that the release of vital energy is most apparent.

         When we get a sudden shock like a scare (meaning that someone or something has grabbed our attention abruptly), we can clearly perceive how the sensation we feel is like a rip in the solar plexus. We all surely remember feeling this sensation, apparently physical[2], on numerous occasions. We may even have instinctively put our dominant hand over this area as if trying to stop the torrential escape of vital energy the shock has brought about. This is a reflex action which demonstrates that despite not rationalising what is happening we do perceive the flow of vital energy which we transfer to elements or people we direct our attention at.

        Getting a good scare offers us an excellent opportunity[3] not only to feel but even “see” quite clearly how our vital energy is transferred from the area of the solar plexus to the object of our attention.

        The fact is that all of us can learn to “see” both our energy bodies and the flow of vital energy which is exchanged between energy bodies. And if I put the word “see” in quotation marks it is because this is not an ocular “seeing” but rather an energy-body ”seeing”. So we do not see with our eyes but with one of the various perceptual and intuitive systems which reside in our energy bodies[4].

        What normally happens if we “see” how a stream of vital energy comes out of us when we have a fright (or when we experiment any sudden and powerful demand on our attention), is that we “visualise” a kind of beam of light which comes out of the area of the solar plexus and movers in the direction of the element of person which is capturing our attention. And if we happen to “visualise” some of these streams with great clarity, we may “see” it as a sort of luminous ray or beam make up of interwoven filaments.

       On many of the occasions that we perceive these “visualisations”, we will also “see” how the flow of energy comes from a body image very similar to the one we “visualise” of ourselves when we dream: that of our energy bodies. Though it is worth highlighting that, unless we stop to think about exactly what we “saw”, we will tend to assume that we “saw” the flow of energy coming from our physical body rather than our energy body.

        We should take into account that these “visualisations “concerning purely energetic perceptions are difficult to describe in words until we get enough experience. Because these “visualisations” come from the energetic plane which possess characteristics and dimensions we are not used to thinking about and therefore find hard to verbalise[5].

          Given the essentially luminous nature of vital energy, if we stop to observe the radiance of the gaze or presence of the person we are directing our attention at, we will get an idea of how much energy we are transferring to them. This exercise allows us to note that the more intense the emotions we feel for someone the greater the amount of vital energy we transfer to them. This is why we tend to perceive as especially bright or inspiring those people we feel especially attracted to.

When other people transfer their vital energy to us

When other people pay attention to us intensely or for long periods of time they transfer significant quantities of their vital energy to us. We then observe that everything vibrates more powerfully inside us. We feel more alive and stimulated. This makes us feel more confident to take charge in whatever situation we find ourselves in and impose our will on those who provide this energy.

The vital energy enters our energy body in the area of the abdomen where a group of chakras are located which carry out the process of absorbing energy. If we direct our attention at that area of the body at the very moment we believe we are receiving a transfer of energy[6] we may manage to feel or even “see” the movements that these chakras need to undertake to bring about the absorption of energy.

If we persevere in our attempts to recognise the sensations that the transfer of vital energy from others produce, there will come a day when we will not only feel but also clearly “visualise” how this energy enters our energy body. We will be surprised by the sensation of inner expansion. When we are used to this sensation, in the “eyes of our energy body it will transform into a circular glow emanating from the nucleus of our energy body out to a point beyond our physical body[7]. But once we have learned to recognise the stimulating or revitalising sensations that the transfer of vital energy brings about, we should be content with that. Becoming obsessed with “visualising” the effect of vital energy will not help us to do it any better; rather the opposite.

The best conditions to consciously perceive these sensations or visualisations are those when we attract people’s attention in a brusque and intense manner. For example if, while in company, we start to shout madly. And if this behaviour is unexpected it is even more effective.

The sensation we experience when our levels of vital energy increase on receiving attention is quite similar to the effect of oxygen entering our lungs. In fact, these sensations are so similar that we may, at some time, have confused the feeling of inhaling deeply with that of the flow of vital energy reaching us[8].

Our body language will often reflect the increase we experience in our levels of energy when receiving the attention of other people. Reactions may include standing straight, increased physical activity, animated gesticulation and speaking more loudly.

There is another revealing consequence directly related to our increase in vital energy; that of a natural increased resistance to cold, sleepiness or tiredness at the expense of those who provide us with their attentional energy. We can observe this when those who direct their attention at us with a greater degree of openness than we direct at them start to suffer these vicissitudes long before we do.

16826186_608452639344338_7741515074976764766_o[1] Contrary to what happens when human beings interact; since however unbalanced the level of attention accorded, there is always some attentional reciprocity.

[2] Given that part of our energy body occupies the same space as our physical body.

[3] If at that moment we direct some of our attention to the realm of sensations.

[4] It is important not to mistake the glow that can be seen around people and other objects with the perceptions we have been discussing concerning our energy bodies and/or energy flows. They are not the same thing.

[5] We will verify all this ourselves when we have the opportunity to clearly “visualise” these perceptions. Our “here and now” is not just what we are used to perceiving consciously. At the very least, we coexist simultaneously in two different “here and nows”: on the material and on the energetic plane.

[6] If a very generous quantity of vital energy has been transferred to us, we can observe the sensations we are referring to even when we are no longer with the person or people whose energy we received. Unsurprisingly our energy body and its corresponding chakras need some time to “chew” and “swallow” all this energy.

[7] Those of you who have seen the energy fields that look like circular balls which surround the bodies of the characters in “Dragon Ball” when they increase their level of energy, will have an idea of what I am referring to.

[8] Breathing in and directing the air slowly and gradually towards the abdominal area, while at the same time observing the non-physical sensations, is a fantastic exercise we can do at any moment. It will help to raise our awareness of energy related sensations.


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