Attention as a bridge for energy


Attention as a bridge for energy.
The attention bridge. Chapter 2.

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The etymological origin of the word «attention» is the latin term «attentio”. We will deconstruct this word in order to make our understanding of its essential meaning easier.

The word attentio is made up of three parts: the prefix ad-, which means «towards»; the verb tendere, which means «to tend to»; and the suffix -tion which implies «action and effect». Thus if we bring together the meaning of all three parts we can come to the following definition: «action and effect tending towards».

This is precisely what human beings do when we direct our attention towards any element whether internal or external. We transfer ourselves not physically, obviously, but energetically towards that element.

On the premise that, in effect, attention serves as a bridge for energy to undertake its extra-corporeal journeys, we can deduce that every time the first element, (the observer), directs their attention to a second element, (the observed), their energies will come in contact and consequently they will react with each other.

If we apply this to human interaction this means that every time we direct our attention to another person not only do we cause our energy to react with theirs but also theirs to react with ours. This happens even when the person is unaware that they are being observed.

I am absolutely certain that the vast majority of us will, on more than one occasion, have had the experience of looking at someone who is unaware they are being observed by you. You may have been looking at the back of their head and then, as if by magic, they turn around and look directly into your eyes, catching you red-handed.

I am equally sure that, conversely, most of us will have sensed that someone was looking at us without actually seeing them do it. We were then able to pinpoint the source of that attention (those eyes directed at us) with astonishing accuracy.

Yes? Do you remember, when you stop to think about it, if only vaguely, ever having had an intriguing experience of this kind?

If so, that’s great. Because, in that case, having actually lived moments like these ourselves may lead us to consider the possibility that the attention-energy bridge is a reality as objective as the force of gravity.

If not, we would need to ask ourselves what other factor could have alerted the subconscious of the person being observed that «attention» was being directed at them?

In answer to this last question, many of us may be thinking, «Well, it must be intuition!»

And we would, certainly, not be wrong. Intuition is one of the elements that make up this process.

Let me explain: What are the two elements that are needed for visual perception which would allow us to detect the presence of a physical object moving towards us?

It’s simple: firstly, we need our eyes and, secondly, the object which is coming towards us. So, in the same way, in order to achieve intuitive perception we need both intuition itself and the presence of something for your intuition to detect. This being, in the aforementioned cases, the flow of energy which reached the observee via the bridge which the observer created when directing their energy towards them.16826186_608452639344338_7741515074976764766_o

So, to sum up – it was intuition or the flow of energy which enabled the observee to be aware of the observer’s attention in such mysterious circumstances (now no longer such a mystery). They are, essentially, the same thing.

Download The attention bridge (complete book)